Following are comments these people will never utter in public:

Lebron James: I’m the man. I was supposed to get my ring this year. How can the Man wind up in the can?

Lou Dobbs: I am an independent who knows liberals are always wrong.

Sonia Sotmayor: Go head you damn destructive Republicans, fire away at me, a woman and an Hispanic!

Justice Scalia: Another woman on the bench, and an Hispanic, no less!

Silvio Berlusconi: She’s just my daddy’s girl and I don’t mean her daddy.

California Supreme Court Justice: I know gay marriage should be legal, but in this state we allow everyone to act as though they understand the law.

John McCain: How did I get stuck with these nuts?

Pat Buchanan: I wish we could have justices on the Supreme Court with the intellectual capability of Clarence Thomas.

Dick Cheney: At least the twig has finally found his place in life, picking up poop.

  • Thinkfinally

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