Comments You Never Will Hear Spoken

RUDY GIULIANI Run for governor, I don’t know, how much does it pay?

NANCY PELOSI Torture to me is dealing with this health care bill. When will my torture be over?

MAYOR BLOOMBERG Just toss in another $100 million. I believe in winning elections only using my money so I am not beholden to anyone but me.

DICK CHENEY I never dithered when it came to torturing people, not did I dally like this guy Obama.

OSAMA BIN LADEN Ah, for the good old days with Dick and Don and George. It was such fun and they were so incompetent.

COLIN POWELL Looking back, UGH, how did I get mixed up with those fools!

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU Of course, I want peace, a piece of the West Bank, a piece of Gaza, a….

JOHN MCCAIN I am an expert on military policy. How many members of the current government were in an enemy prison for several years?

CONGRESSWOMAN BACKMAN I honestly thought Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama were the same person, they are both dark skinned.
GUN LOVER What’s this about violating my 2nd Amendment rights to bring a gun into a bank?