Following are comments that will NOT appear in the media:

Ron Paul: I’m a freakin medical doctor. But, I did have a week unit on economics when I was in high school.

Health Officer: In all honesty, it’s just another flu, nothing more, nothing less.

NBA Team That Lost A Playoff Game: The other team is way better than we are.

CNN: Oh, those surveys we show, just a lot of BS, but they look so nice on the screen.

President Obama: “I’m a constitutional lawyer. Let the torture trials begin.

Senator Spector: It will be nice to talk with someone who lives in the 21st century. The medieval times were a bit boring.

Democratic Senator From Farm State: I vote for farm subsidies to protect those who give me campaign donations.

Mayor Bloomberg: Cross me and I’ll cut you off at the knees.

Kentucky Derby Winner: I’m a mudder, a fodder and a winner.

Automobile Executive: We did get the Model T correct!

Republican Senator: Frankly, beyond tax cuts and smaller government my vocabulary runs out.