Common Health Market Created In European Union

The European Union will begin the process within a year of offering its citizens the right to secure health treatment in any member nation of the EU. The United Kingdom announced that a UK citizen will be able to secure medical treatment by providers in all of the European Union member states. The offer is based on the concept that if there is undue delay in obtaining medical treatment for a particular issue, the UK citizen could obtain that treatment in any of the EU nations with the British National Health Service picking up the bill. In turn, any citizen from a European Union nation could obtain similar care in the UK provided they had a referral from a doctor. During the past five years, the Blair government has poured about $90 billion into the NHS to raise its standard of care.

This is a fabulous concept which will broaden the scope of medical care in Europe. It might also lead to certain nations specializing in care for particular diseases. The American tragedy is even within our own country there is no such flexibility in helping people to go anywhere within our national boundaries to obtain needed medical help. Perhaps, the United States might consider joining the European Union if that is the only way to ensure open medical care for Americans.