Common Sense For Israel

I have spent years engaged in debates with those defending Israel occupation of the West Bank on grounds God had nothing to do one day so he leaned down and identified the West Bank as belonging to Jews. After all, anything written in the Torah– or anything someone wants to believe is written in the Torah– must be true. President Shimon Peres offered some words of common sense to the people of Israel. Of course, any expression of “common sense” to some is merely an example of a self hating Jew.

Peres described reality. “Israel settlements in territories densely populated with Arabs,which followed their attack on us, can lead to threatening demographic change. It places a Jewish majority in the state of Israel at risk. Without a Jewish majority it is doubtful if the state will remain Jewish.”

Of course, there are those Jews who believe an apartheid state can exist in the 21st century. President Abbas will accept a compromise which allows 90% of current settlers to remain on the West Bank. President Peres spoke common sense, the problem is few among the West Bank settlers have common sense.