Common Sense In Ireland

The Catholic Church insists that government can not order it to allow those employed to have access to pills or abortion because it is the right of the church to decide the lives of people. A few months ago in Ireland, which   forbids  abortion, a young woman from India died of septicemia because doctors refused to terminate a pregnancy in order to save her life. She was told, “this is a Catholic country” and so, die. The Irish government came under a storm of anger from other European nations and has now made changes in the law. Abortion will no longer be a crime,  and there doctors will be provided guidelines under which they can perform an aborton.

Finally, Ireland is in accord with the European Court of Human Rights. In America the issue of whether religion controls laws is still not resolved. If one adhered to ideas of the Catholic Church, then anyone who opposes use of doctors and medicine could claim his religion prevents him from providing health care to his employees. The history of America is based on separationof church from state. No reason to change this tradition.