Common Sense On Abortion

A new law in Mississippi makes illegal having a doctor perform an abortion at a clinic unless he/she is registered with a local hospital to admit his patients. There is scant doubt the law is designed to prevent doctors who fly into Mississippi and perform abortions to continue this practice. As one who believes both sides in this debate offer valid arguments, it is sad how such anger and hate has developed.

American society needs people on both sides of this issue to come together and seek reasonable compromises that would end the need for abortions. In life, there is always a third or fourth alternative, but both sides allow hate to overcome the spirit of compromise. The issue of abortion raises more issues than it offers a clear decision concerning  right and wrong.

We need to explore the ever changing meaning of “life.” On one hand, those who oppose abortions want “the government” to impose its will on a woman. Ironically, these are the same people who continually decry the so-called “heavy hand of government.” We admit to believing there are valid arguments on both sides of this issue of “life” and on the issue of “powers of government” on the human body.