Communists Take Blame For Killing Hindu Leader

Riots have swept through the Indian state of Orissa after a prominent Hindu holy man was killed. Hindu fundamentalists blamed Christians for the murder and then proceeded on their own murderous rampage against Christians homes, churches and people in order to avenge the death of their holy man. They also accused Christians of bribing poor tribes people and low caste Hindus in order to persuade them to become Christians. A Maoist leader announced to the world his group was behind the killing of the holy man. Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda told reporters “we ordered the death penalty for him”because he was using force to get tribes people to convert to Hinduism. “They suppressed the evidence so that they could get an excuse to attack Christians.”

India lies between modernity and living in a tribal religious past in which religion is used in order to gain power and wealth. During the riots against Christians, nuns were raped but it is doubtful if anyone will be arrested for this violence. In the mean time, the person responsible for the death is free to hold press conferences. However, Christian villagers are now living in refugee camps.