Compassion For Those Who Fight

Sgt.Bowe Bergdahl has arrived at the San Antonio Military Medical Center where he will be working with doctors and other specialists in order to figure out for himself the behavior that led to desertion of post. Yes, Sgt. Bergdahl is a deserter. Yes, he did leave his comrades and walked into the arms of the enemy. That is no longer a debate, he performed those acts on his own volition. Desertion occurs in every conflict. During World War II American forces fighting in Europe witnessed the desertion of 50,000 men. Most simply could no longer handle the terror of combat. During the Korean War, a few thousand deserted due to combat exhaustion. In neither of these cases did the opposition political party make a political football at the act of desertion. Just about every man who fights in a war has a breaking point, and when that is reached, the person physically and mentally collapses.

Fox News is composed of talking heads who never once went into combat. It is composed of cute, pert, blond haired females pretending they know something about battle and fatigue. Loud mouth Ann Coulter is angry at Sgt. Bergdahl and wants him punished. What exactly does Ann Coulter know about war and death and fear? Few members in Congress have ever been part of the armed forces. But, listen to their brave words about what they would do if in combat! Sgt. Bergdahl collapsed. He needs compassion, he needs treatment. He does not need to become a political football.