Complaints About FBI Raids

Once upon a time, a long time ago like about two years, the American people heard a candidate for president offer assurances if he was elected the Bush era of abuse of human rights would come to an end. Candidate Obama promised to close Guantanamo, he promised to halt having private phone calls monitored, he promised there would be an end to the rendition program, and he even promised to end murder of those overseas who oppose the United States. Anti-war protesters claim FBI agents raided their homes and offices in a blatant attempt to strike fear into the hearts of those who disagree with current government positions on war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The FBI admits their agents searched these locations as part of an investigation into “activities concerning the material support of terrorism.” FBi spokesperson insisted no one was arrested, they just went into the homes of dissenters.

The Obama government is colluding with the FBI in seeking to silence those who disagree with the president. This is an amazing development, given that Barack Obama taught courses in Constitutional law!!

  • journeyer58

    Of course, one can never foresee the future and we the American people were definitely hoodwinked into believing that a ‘man of the people,’ was being elected to the highest office in the land.
    Barack Hussein Obama, did not say what people he would represent as president and we because of the charisma of this man, did not ask.
    We get what president is due us. The idea that President Obama is a man of the people is hogwash. He is no more a man of the people than Karl Rove was. Yes, I am speaking of George Bush’s Brain. In all the speeches that I watched during the campaign, Sen. Obama made no mention of the fact that he would be beholden to the special interests of the Wall Street Thugs by having a cabinet made up of exclusively men from Wall Street. Never in the history of the U.S. has there been a more overt attempt by the moneyed elite to take over this country.
    We, the American people are faced with rising unemployment and rising underemployment.
    We are faced with the prospect of a future of uncertainty and despair because of the power elite gaining control over the money system and the government.
    What will it take for the American people to regain the government, of, by and for the people? Revolution and lots of it! Not the namby-pamby soft glove revolution of electoral challenges and voting those in, out of office. But a real revolution, whereby those who in power are thrown out of office physically and without so much as a’how do you do!’
    Even the Demicans, which party are supposed to be the voice of the people have yet to work and speak up for those who need rather than those who already have and are gaining more each day.
    We, the people, the true government of America, must take back the reins of power and demand our say and work for the end results we want rather than what the moneyed elite wants in the way of legislation and privileges.