Compromise For Peace Says Obama!

Anyone who has studied the Middle East understands the importance of forging peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Unfortunately, members of the Republican party have no interest in furthering peace for the people of Israel and have attempted to placate right wing religious fundamentalists in Israel in order to sway American Jews away from the Democratic party. President Obama told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that it was time for peace between Israel and Palestinians. He emphasized reality by saying, “we cannot afford to wait another decade or another two decades, or another three decades, to achieve peace.” He pointed out the obvious, peace means compromise and it begins by accepting the 1967 border AS A BEGINNING POINT in order to negotiate a swap of land. He also made clear he supports the idea of a demilitarized Palestine which would not create a military threat to the state of Israel.

What is the alternative to compromise? It will result in thousands of Arabs marching in demonstrations, it will result in militants using violence. Does anyone in Israel actually believe a do-nothing policy can endure forever? NOW, is the time to create peace, tomorrow might be too late.