Compromise On Health Care For 9/11 Responders

The Republican Party is owned the gratitude of Americans for its decision to stick to principles against raising the national debt. Perhaps, Republicans could have reduced the $900 billion tax cut which provides over a hundred billion in give away to wealthy people, but to do so would have crippled economic recovery. Perhaps, Republicans could have reduced expenditures for fighter planes that have no opposing fighter planes to challenge their supremacy, but to do so would have sent a message of defeatism. After considerable reflection, Republican leaders finally identified an area in which they could save at least $3 billion. Instead of providing 9/11 Responders with a ten year program of health benefits that cost $7 billion, they reduced it to five years at a cost of $4.3 billion. The American people should be grateful to these men and women of the Republican party who do not intend to allow anyone to halt their efforts in protecting wealthy folk in this nation.

The message is clear. If you were a 9/11 Responder and have serious health problems such as cancer, get the damn thing cured in five years! Which comes first: protecting wealth of the wealthy or protecting your damn illness. Next time be more careful and you will not get ill.