Conclave In Rome

A conclave of men will shortly gather in Rome to discuss the future of Catholicism and the future of religion. Obviously, they are all males, they are all elderly, they are all important figures in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is an important institution that has sort of been around for a few hundred  years. For millions, it is the foundation of their life. Some Cardinals will not attend because, as they claim, they have failed to adhere to the standards required of church leaders. That is translated to mean, their body could not adhere to the standards of their mind. The world needs a Catholic Church that is part of modern civilization. The question confronting those at this conclave is whether the outcome furthers the authority of Catholicism or whether the outcome is another step in losing connection to individual Catholics?

We hope another John XXIII emerges from this conclave. We hope a new Pope is able to connect with modern Catholics. A Pope who believes his goal is maintenance of what is, will be a Pope who participates in maintenance of what is. Winds of change will sweep on and on, to maintain, is to lose.