Concrete Cowboys, Indians, And SUVs

During the past several weeks, environmentalist activists have disabled SUVs during the evening. The group terms itself, “The Indians of the Concrete Jungle” and its aim is eliminating SUVs from the planet. The aim of the group as stated in its manifesto is: “If selective SUV-disarmament is done repeatedly and on a massive scale, it will develop from a slight annoyance in the eyes of the owners into a real obstacle for driving the things, thus putting an end to perhaps the most obnoxious aspect of bourgeois carbon addiction.” Every time the group deflates the air in a tire or slashes it, a note is left which explains problems caused by climate change. In response to these attacks, a new group, “Cowboys of the Concrete Jungle” are fighting back by infiltrating the Indians in order to prevent attacks. The Cowboys are annoyed that the “Sheriffs of the Concrete Jungle,”(the police) are not halting the attacks.

In all honesty, I share the Indian disgust with SUVs. They are truly an abomination and the sooner they are legislated out of existence, the happier will be humankind. I guess the good news is that so far no one has gotten hurt in this latest game of cowboys and Indians.

  • Mark Hubbell

    Thank you for affirming vandalism. Why stop there? Should we not applaud rape or murder as an expression of opposition to SUVs? If not, why not? Where do you draw a line morally?

    Your shallow thinking here betrays any hope of resolving any crisis – real or imagined.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I’m guess you are morally upset at vandalism. I wonder if you have the same moral indignation at the vandalism caused our planet by the existence of your beloved SUVs. If you read my words, they said, “the sooner they will be legislated out of existence,” the happier will be mankind. Sorry, I get upset at people getting killed, not having air let out of tires. I have never let the air out of anyone’s tires, but as an historian on the history of crime, I recognize we humans get upset at minor infractions of the law too frequently. What would you like to do with the vandals– sentence them to life terms? By the way, the cost of keeping someone in prison is $45,000 a year– heck you could buy two SUVs for that money.

  • Mark Hubbell

    I’m very familiar with crime and punishment as I work in the field of corrections.

    What other crimes do you endorse in your crusade to rid society of cars you do not like?

    What car do you drive? How may I express my disdain towards that model?

  • Fred Stopsky

    I drive a Hyundai. I also teach police the history of crime since very few of them know much about the historical development of crime and punishment, I suspect you don’t know much about it, given your comments.
    I am completely against all drug laws. Drugs were legal in America until about 1912. End drug laws and you empty the jails of 650,000 so-called “criminals.” You forget that what is considered a “crime” is a social definition.
    The USA used to lead the world in fostering innovative ideas concerning punishment, but it is people like you who have moved from the historic American “rehabilitation” mode towards the current “punishment” mode which has resulted in America now becoming among the top three nations in the world in terms of people in prison. Besides the 2,200,000 in jail about another three million move through our court system. I guess without that approach people like you would have to find other forms of work.
    By the way, at no point in my comments did I “endorse” any crime. You are the one who took a piece of satirical writing and turned it into an “endorsement.”

  • Mark Hubbell

    “This blog has been created as a voice of reason, of hope, and of dreams about a future in which the voices which respect human dignity are readily heard.”

    So says your mission statement. But without knowing a thing about me you have shown great disrespect to me simply because I challenged the concept of vandalizing cars.

    You spoke of my “beloved SUVs.” I drive a Toyota Corolla.

    You state ” it is people like you who have moved from the historic American “rehabilitation” mode towards the current “punishment” mode which has resulted in America now becoming among the top three nations in the world in terms of people in prison,” not knowing that I work for an organization devoted to restorative justice. I know far more about historical crime than you think.

    As one who claims to be a voice of reason, you seem to have a hair trigger when anyone challenges your assertions. It undermines your ability to speak to an issue.

    Since you

  • Fred Stopsky

    My point is simple. I commented about a silly type of crime in a teasing manner. For some, reason, humor appears to get you upset. I never advocated any type of criminal activity. I see nothing contradictory in being satirical with my mission statement. The heading of this site is “The Impudent Observer.” I am glad you work for an organization which seeks to focus on positive ways to change our system of crime. Bravo.