Condi Rice — Are You Paying Attention?

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul announced his government has reached agreement with its armed forces to launch an attack upon the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) which is hiding in northern Iraq. He refuses to reveal the exact time or nature of this assault since it is a secret.

Isn’t this the time for Secretary of State Condi Rice to hop on a plane and get to Turkey in order to discuss this situation with the Turkish government? If the Turkish army crosses the border into Iraq, does the American military have a plan to handle it? President Bush jumped into the Libby situation since it undoubtedly is an important issue in the world — making certain one of your flunkies doesn’t do jail time. Pray tell, Secretary of State Rice or President Bush, shouldn’t both of you be focusing on this potential event which would shake up the entire Middle East?

I guess I am a very naive person who can’t get his priorities straight. Gordon Libby’s life is the major concern of our government.