Condi Rice Blasts Obama!

Condi Rice, the former foreign policy adviser for former President  George Bush blasted the foreign policy of President Obama. She is black, she is a woman, and she believes that America has been going downward in the world ever since this black guy became president. As I recall, when she was in charge of foreign policy, we were fighting in Iraq in order to end the fear of weapons of mass destruction that never existed. We were fighting in Afghanistan without actually fighting in Afghanistan because she and her buddies did not believe in creating a viable Afghan army or stimulating economic development.

Condi, it was under YOUR watch the Taliban were allowed to rearm. It was under YOUR watch that not enough US troops entered Iraq and thus weapons were allowed to fall into the hands of al-Qaeda. It was under YOUR watch that chaos was allowed to consume Iraq.

By the way, Condi, when Turkish people were polled as to how they viewed America, over 80% said -favorably. After you took over the percent dropped to 7%. Yes, Condi, we need a president who will restore America as a nation to be emulated!!