Condi Rice Halted Armenian Resolution

In her latest memoir of being in the Bush administration, former Secretary of State Condi Rice boasted she played a key role in preventing passage of a resolution in the American Congress of a resolution which acknowledged that Turkey participated in a genocide program against its Armenian citizens. The House of Representatives was ready to pass such a resolution, but Rice made certain it never got to the floor for a vote. I realize many in Turkey actually believe hundreds of thousands of Armenians hopped on space ships and disappeared into the far regions of space.

There is no doubt thousands of Turks died during the war, and many were killed at the hand of Armenians.  BUT, it was the systematic program of the government of Turkey to kill Armenians. The evidence is simply overwhelming that thousands were driven to their deaths. The people of Germany can feel proud for acknowledging their role in murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust. It is time for Turkey to cleanse its soul.

Naturally, the Obama administration has also killed such resolutions. What else can one expect from a president who never met a crisis without running away from it?