Condi Rice– History Will Praise Bush!

Secretary of State Condi Rice admitted the Bush administration had not met all of its goals, but historians in the future will place George Bush among the list of distinguished presidents. She insisted the Bush administration had brought peace to the Arab world and had driven al-Qaeda from Iraq and brought freedom to that nation. “Over time I think the fact that America has stood for the Arab world and for the Arabs to have the same rights and the same ability to live in freedom as we have, that will ultimately be respected.” She admitted the Israel-Palestine conflict had not yet been resolved, but since Bush entered the peace process it was now moving along.

George Bush is often fond of recalling the low popularity of President Harry Truman during the Korean War and how history has subsequently proven that he was on the right track. The trouble with the Bush analogy is that while Truman’s public opinion standing had declined, he was highly praised by historians in the forties and fifties. Historians recognized that Truman was ahead of the American people. Sorry, Condi, few historians have a similar view of Bush today.

Rice insists the war against al-Qaeda is winning in Iraq as justification for the invasion of Iraq. Condi Rice has a Ph.D and is a foreign policy expert so we can assume she knows full well there were NO al-Qaeda in Iraq prior to the Bush invasion. In 2001, al-Qaeda was a small group but thanks to Bush it has now become an important international force.

I suspect George Bush will be fighting Millard Fillmore in the future for being the most incompetent president in history.

  • journeyer58

    Yes, history will praise Duhhhhhhhbya. Praise can come in many forms and in many ways.
    The shrub, as he is more affectionately known in my household, will be known throughout history as the worst president ever in the history of America.
    There can be no doubt that the historical record of the shrub’s administration will include the most incompetent and worst regulated of all presidents combined. He has made America a laughingstock in the world and caused the worst financial crisis ever. For this and for more ignominious actions, he will be known throughout history as the most incompetent and least qualified president in the world.
    I have but one thing to say regarding the administration of George Walker(King George II)Bush, “Bad Riddance to the Worst Rubbish imaginable!”

  • scott

    Obviously the first response is from someone who is unread, closed minded and uninformed. The worst president is a president who does nothing and that was Bill Clinton! I spend alot of time listening, reading and discussing all sides, of different media sources and although W may not be the best president he is very far from the worst. Reading one article is not enough to be informed and writing one so biased, as this one, shows you are even less informed. But keep them coming, I support free speech no matter what!

  • Fred Stopsky

    If your criteria is “doing something,” I guess Adolf Hitler ranks high in your estimation. No, Bush is no Hitler, but to believe the act of “doing”–whatever that means– is a criteria for evaluating people, is hardly intellectual.

    P.S. In my life I have read over 12,000 books, and about 100,000 articles.

    P.P.S. Based on my reading, Bush ranks somewhat lower than Millard Fillmore in the presidential list.