Condi Rice Supports China On Taiwan Issue

Secretary of State Condi Rice told Chinese officials the United States will continue its support of the one China policy and regards any attempt of Taiwan to alter that relationship to be harmful to world peace. In talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jeichi, she reiterated her country’s opposition to any action on the part of the Taiwan government to take actions which would later the current relationship with China. She expressed opposition to a Taiwan proposal which would have a referendum on whether it should become part of the UN as an independent nation. Rice also urged China not to take unilateral action across the Taiwan Straits which might result in violence.

The Chinese government regards Taiwan as an integral part of its nation and any discussion about Taiwan is felt to be an intrusion into China’s sovereignty. Foreign Minister Yang welcomed Rice’s support because anything to the contrary would have resulted in a diplomatic incident. Taiwan has no support in the world for any desire on its part for independence. The people of Taiwan will simply have to accept the present situation and hope that in coming years a more democratic China will work out some form of mutual relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

  • mendy lewin

    all of a sudden your all sweet sugar for ”diplomacy” and letting the future decide…….
    i expected from you to be ashamed of the US administration that turns his vest once again after supporting taiwan for so long….
    and obviously to support democracy over a shady pseudo communism
    america has few if any friends on the world stage
    like de gaulle was saying: france has no friends only interests.
    so does america: we live off their products and we can’t endanger that for democracy’s sake…

  • Fred Stopsky

    I believe in the realistic school of diplomacy. There are points in which the safety of the world takes precedence. Taiwan’s continued existence is not threatened, its people retain their democratic society. I would not support efforts to end those conditions. But, China will change as it slowly moves towards democracy.