Condoms Con Youth Says MTTB

An AIDS  awarebess campaign at a Turkish university has proven upsetting to the conservative National Student Union(MTTB) which believes any form of  protection against a sexual activity that might result in disease is simply a form of  encouraging youth to become promiscuous. The AIDs campaign  featured distribution of  condoms. According to the MTTB, “the way to avoid AIDs is not through condoms. It is through moral development.”

MTTB is convinced educating youth concerning sexual conduct translates into telling “our young brothers and sisters they can have sex without  any setbacks.” The MTTB solution is simple: get people married. Of course, that assumption is that those who are married will never engage in sex with someone other than their fellow spouse. An interesting hypothesis. I wonder if there is evidence in Turkey that  those married never have sex with  someone else?