Condoms For All?

The United States of America has a few problems, oh, we have high deficits, high unemployment, wars in foreign places, guns blasting away day and night, and arguments about gays, lesbians, and other such assorted folk. But, the county of Los Angeles has finally pinpointed the most important issue facing inhabitants of that fair city–should adults engaged in making porn  films  be required to wear a condom while filming a pretend sexual encounter? The reason for this important law is to prevent HIV/AIDS virus.

US porn filmmakers are suing to over turn this law. They charge it violates the First Amendment which allows free speech, and free sex or at least the right to pretend one is engaged in sex. I wonder if Vice President Joe Biden will summon these filmmakers to Washington to discuss their alleged First Amendment rights?

I hear rumors the NRA will support these filmmakers because if they take away my right not to wear a condom, what is next-take away my assault rifle??