Confessions Of A Berlusconi Addict!

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is angry because he was assaulted an injured by an assailant who for some strange reason does not like him or view the Italian leader in a favorable light. His supporters in the media-much of which he owns, blame “leftists” for spreading evil stories about the wonderful leader of the county. Of course, at a political rally that preceded the attack, Berlusconi ranted and raved about his opponents for spreading terrible stories regarding women of the night and his involvement or non-involvement with those creatures of the night. It becomes somewhat confusing when a man with a billion dollars uses his money to rip into anyone who opposes him and then mournfully claims to be a victim. Reports indicate prior to the speech, Berlusconi asked his associates, “do you feel the climate of violence, the climate of hatred?”

I really don’t know how one identifies a climate of hatred when the person who is the object controls numerous newspapers and television stations. I suspect there are many Italian politicians who have endured a climate of hatred from the Berlusconi media. Oh, if we introduce some women, then, … the climate will not be about hatred, but about money.