Conflict Among Iran Rulers

The world was shocked at news from Iran of a planned stoning to death execution of a woman charged with having illicit relations with a man, and latest reports indicate the stoning process might not proceed. However, her son is wary and wonders if to calm the fury, the Iranian government will simply wait a few weeks and then hang his mother when no one is concerned. Even as President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad was dealing with sex issues, the speaker of the Iranian legislature, Ali Lrijani was blasting him for failing to develop the nation’s economy. Larijani is particularly upset at misuse of his country’s wealth which is not used to develop a modern economy. Instead Ahamadinejad uses the money to fund welfare programs in order to keep the unemployed quiet and supporting his rule. According to Larijani, “social justice means producing employment, not giving monthly handouts to stop people starving.” He want money put in use to develop the “national’s productive capacity.”

Ahmadinejad is creating a separate government and economy. He relies on using oil money to pay handouts to the poor and keep them quiet. At the same time, he allows the Revolutionary Guards to gain power over the economy by running business enterprises. In a sense, he is destroying the ability of small business groups to become productive. If he continues on this path, Iran increasingly will become like the Soviet Union, the state running welfare operations, rather than developing productive capacities.

Ahmadinejad and his buddies worry about who sleeps with whom more than they worry about creating a modern economy.