Conflict In European Union Over Climate Control Plans

As the Eruopean Commission is prepared to announce a sweeping climate change policy package on Januaary 23rd, businessmen and politicians in several countries are ready to mount a counter attack. France wants to protect its nuclear investments and German auto and steelmakers are concerned Europe would lose its competitive edge in world markets. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said it would be an international embarrassment to turn back after fighting so hard to attain a plan to address issues of climate change. “We knew from the beginning,” he said, “that transforming Europe into a low-carbon economy is not at easy task. But, this is the moment to be serious, responsible and coherent with out commitment.” President Sarkozy complained that France’s nuclear energy program is not recognized as fitting into the category of renewable energy. Toxic wastes from its plants are the reason for not classifyin nuclear energy that way. Some manufacturers say strict limits on greenhouse emissions will encourage many to relocate plants in areas of the world which have more lenient restrictions.

The EU is attemping to offer some exemptions to those nations which are still working on developing a modern economy. There is not easy solution, the basic problem is this is a global issue and must be addressed by all members of planet Earth.