Confusing Afghanistan

Afghanistan continues to be an enigma wrapped in a  mystery in which no one really knows what actually goes on each day of the year. On one hand, the number of American deaths fell from 404 in 2011 to 295 in 2012. On the other hand, the number of American and NATO soldiers killed by their Afghan allies rose from 35 in 2011 to 65 in 2012. Of course, the number of Afghan soldiers killed in battle was 1050 and the number of Afghan police who died was 1,400. In other words, as NATO and US deaths decline,  deaths of Afghan rises.

Most probably, Afghan soldiers are now carrying the  brunt of combat missions agains the Taliban. As Afghan troops fight, more will die, as Afghan troops  fight, more will be killed by their fellow soldiers. Welcome to life in Afghanistan, the ultimate mystery land.