Confusing World Of African Politics

The machinations of African political leaders increasingly become clear as one examines the case of Guinea where a group of Army officers seized power after the death of the nation’s president. The Economic Community of West Africa (Ecowa) will not recognize the imposition by military leaders of their government since it was done by use of illegal force. However, Senegalese President Wade flew to the capital and gave his endorsement to the coup leaders. In the meantime, the African Union suspended Guinea “until constitutional order is restored.” The AU also warned President Wade by fratenising with the Guinea military leaders he raises the possibility of being sanctioned, a guilt by association approach.

The African Union will not sanction President Mugabe of Zimbabwe who has driven millions from his country, created a cholera epidemic which has cost 3,400 people their lives and left 70,000 infected because Mugabe was the legally (although that is open to question) leader of his nation. In other words, in modern Africa, if a person becomes head of a nation legally, after that point the AU does not care what he or she does because anything is legal. Once elected, become a tyrant, a dictator, abuse your people, the AU will remain silent. But, rebel against a tyrant (unless it is a European colonial power) and you will not be recognized.