Confusion In Syria

Death continues its progress in Syria as the world rants demands for action to halt the murderous rampage of President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey is furious at the downing of an airplane and decent humans are angry at the slaughter of the innocent in Syria. Voices shout demands to end the reign of Assad and replace him with—-?? Ah, that is the question which has no answer at this moment. Get rid of a brutal dictator and then who will emerge to head Syria?

Christians and other minorities fear once Assad is gone they will be at the mercy of Muslim religious fanatics. Half the Christian population already has fled from Iraq, a nation turned over the Muslim clerics, courtesy of George Bush, the born again Christian. Al-Qaeda is involved in attacks against installations and suicide bombings in Damascus. Ayman al-Zawhri has denounced Assad: “Wounded Syria is still bleeding day after day and the butcher(Assad) isn’t deterred and doesn’t stop.”

The reign of terror in Syria must be ended. But, we cannot allow a new reign of terror to emerge. How is that prevented: THAT is the question?