Confusion On Cairo’s Streets About Gaza

Reporters for Cairo’s Daily Star newspaper roamed the streets of Cairo asking citizens from all walks of life about their views concerning recent events in Gaza. A taxi driver knew nothing about the mass movement of Gazans into Egypt but commented, “So, what is the big deal? The situation has always been like that in Palestine.” But, he strongly opposed Egyptian involvement, “so why sould we be the ones to offer help to the Palestinians? I do not think we can afford it.”

On the other hand, a guard at a building believes his nation should “do whatever it can to help the Gazans kand all of the Palestinians.” Ahmed Mohamed, a businessman, agreed the “situation is going from bad to worse,” but thought the entire Arab world had to get involved in solving the problem. “All of the Arab countries, especially the many that are filthy rich and do not kow where to spend their money, should also provide help to the Gazans.” A 55 year-old housewife said “I wish that the Palestinians had listened to the late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat when he invited them to attend the peace talks he had with Israel after the 1973 war.” She believed the present situaiton would not have existed if only the Palestinians had cooperated with Sadat.

Obviously, everyone did not agree, but most probably the average Egyptian has his/her own problems which impact them daily so there is nothing other they can do but express sympathy.