Confusion Reigns In Lebanon Amidst Contradictory Reports

The constitutional crisis which has stalemated the entire Lebanese government is either on its way to a resolution or it isn’t, depending on who is speaking. The basic issue is who shall become president of the nation and the two camps are Hizbullah which tends to support Syria and the current government which is led by fiercely anti-Syrian forces. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner is attempting to mediate the situation and as been conferring with leaders in order to achieve a compromise solution. UN chief Bon ki-moon is also involved in negotiations. It appears that both sides are willing to accept General Michel Sulemein, current chief of the armed forces, as the compromise leader. He apparently has excellent relations with Hizbullah as well as with the anti-Syrian forces. However, the constitution bars a public servant– that fits Sulemein– from running for the presidency. This will necessitate a change in the constitution. Meanwhile, Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has been quoted as saying he supports and also that he doesn’t support the compromise solution.

The game of politics as played in Lebanon is rather complex since the nation is divided between Christians and Muslims. Hopefully, they can finally agree on someone so the government can once again function as it should.