Congo Being Torn To Pieces And No One Cares

Each passing day reveals increasing chaos in the Congo as its government has virtually lost power to enforce its own will upon the nation. Rebel armies cut across the Congo leaving death and destruction in their wake and it is becoming clear that an army which is connected to the Tutsi government of Rwanda has become a dominant force in the country. The National Congress for the Defense of the People(CNDP) led by Llaurent Nkunda, a renegade general from the Rwanda army, is slashing his way toward the capital city of Kinshasa where President Kabila waits without sufficient soldiers to even put up a good fight. In the meantime, rebel forces take over villages and all too often assault women and take food from the population. Actually, some villagers are beginning to establish relations with rebel forces who they believe at least are not as brutal as government forces.

Nkunda argues the Congo gave refuge to Hutu soldiers who fled Rwanda years ago after their failed genocide to wipe out the Tutsi minority failed. The Congo government believes Nkunda is merely a puppet of the Rwanda government and seeks to take over the entire country of the Congo.

There are fears of another genocide if Nkunda seeks out Hutus and begins killing them. The ironic aspect of the situation is that Tutsi Rwandans were subject to a genocide and now they are instruments of a potential genocide. Do they even realize the similarity?