Congo Rebel Chief Threatens Further War

The tragedy of the Congo goes on and on as its people are brutalized, its women raped, and millions are killed by greedy fellow Africans whose only goal is obtaining the wealth of the unfortunate country. General Laurent Nkunda, a Rwandan Tutsi who entered the Congo on the pretest he was after former Rwandan Hutus, demanded that the government of the Congo must negotiate with him or he might march on the capital and take over the country. Nkunda’s troops have routed government forces and taken control of a large swath of the nation. “If there is no negotiation,” boasted the rebel chief, “let us then say there is war.”

Nkunda has been talking with mediator former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obsanjo, who is furious the rebel leader disregarded his plea for peace by making further attacks. By attacking after promising peace, said Obsanjo, “you are making me a laughing stock.”

There is chaos in the Congo since it lacks an effective government and its army is ill trained, ill equipped and lacking in morale or leadership. Perhaps, it is time for the United Nations to assume some form of trusteeship for the nation.