Congo, The Forgotten War By Leftists

It requires very little to arouse anger in Europe’s intellectual left, just mention the word, Israel. However, if you mention the word, “Congo” there will be a moment of silence and a confused look because why be concerned about the death of 5,000,000 people when Israel is around to be the whipping boy for left wingers. Rwanda troops have been working with the army of the Congo to deal with various groups that pillage, kill and rape at will. Rwandan forces are leaving which means groups like the Hutu rebels will step up their campaign of violence and brutality, especially to women. Once the Rwandans leave, the populace is at the mercy of every thug and gangster who wants to exploit the riches of their country and on the way brutalize the population.

Once upon a time, those who stood at the forefront in the battle against fascism were concerned about ALL who suffered and did not engage in selective anger.