Congo-Uganda: Where Death Is Not Proud

During the past decade, American presidents such as George Bush have proclaimed it is the foreign policy of the United States to spread benefits of democracy to nations which are ruled by dictators. But, for some strange reason, the people of the Congo just do not fit into that definition. Granted, there were no WMD in the Congo, and, granted it has many natural resources, but the lack of oil undoubtedly removes it from the scope of democracy. At least five million have died in the past decade, and today the Lord’s Resistance Army is again on the massacre trail. New reports indicate that hundreds have been killed and even more hundreds marched off to become members of the rebel group which has crossed over from the Congo and once again begun their assault on the government of Uganda.

American assistance to the Uganda army has led to attacks on the LRA, but since what is supplied is not sufficient to do the job, rebels are once again killing. A recent raid on their forces resulted in attacks on villages, killings, and marching off those who survive to be forced into the LRA.

What would have happened if 120,000 American soldiers had been sent to Uganda or the Congo?