Congress Hurts Israel By Hurting Palestinians

Members of the United  States Congress vie to display their love of Israel in order to persuade American Jews to vote for them. If one seeks the presidential election, one must say Kaddish for Muslims and greet Jews as those who belong in the promised land. Congress decided to halt any further aid to the Palestinian Authority because it dared to seek recognition from the UN as an independent nation. The theory behind this action is that by denying funds to help feed Palestinians or ensure there is construction and work for people, the end result will be ????

Denying humanitarian and development funding means more Palestinians will be jobless, more will be hungry. Question: if one seeks to aid Israel how does this occur if there are more unemployed youth or people lacking food? The end result of actions by Congress is to further the strength of radical Muslims and increase the prospect of violence. Yes, my friends, this  really helps Israel!