Mayor Bloomberg is a billionaire, but even he cannot take behavior of the American Congress when it comes to issues of budgets, taxation and taking a risk in order to solve problems. He was furious at news the famous Gang of 12 was unable to come up with a compromise dealing with debt issues. As Blo0mberg thundered: “the markets are coming apart. People have lost their jobs. They can’t find work and in three and a  half weeks they couldn’t even bother to sit down together. What kind of government is that?”

Republican ideology is the end result of any compromise is lower taxes for the wealthy. After all, they are job creators. OK, we now have the lowest top tax rate in over half a century, but how can our beloved wealthy folk make it on only $20 million a year? As Bloomberg commented: “It is this partisan paralysis and political cowardice that I think is defining Washington and we just can’t afford   to have that continue.”