Congress Seeks To Protect Wounded Soldiers

it is all too common for opponents of the war in Iraq to focus on the number of men and women who have been killed in the conflict. Much less attention has been paid to the 29,000 who have been wounded as well as the thousands of others whose mental wounds will not appear for years to come. The Iraq wounded will always be with the people of America. The House Veterans Affairs Committee is proposing legislation that will ensure wounded soldiers are guaranteed ongoing medical care after leaving the service. Several veteran groups have urged legislation for veterans with service-connected disabilities or the need for special devices such as hearing aids. Under the proposed legislation, a host of disabilities will now be covered and veterans will receive a rating of at least 10% in order to guarantee access to medical care.

This is a step long overdue. The wounds of Iraq will not disappear for half a century and America will have to pay the cost of Bush’s war.