Congressman King On St. Patrick’s Day

As we write these words, a congressional hearing is taking place in Washington D.C. under the chairmanship of Congressman Pete King of Long Island. The hearings are designed to uncover evidence that al-Qaeda or some other Muslim fanatic group is securing recruits from among American Muslims. Congressman King for many years was a supporter of the Irish Republican Army(IRA) and when asked how he could justify being an active supporter of a terrorist group, he argued they were not killing Americans and they were really patriotic men and women. This is an interesting observation, particularly on St. Patrick’s day. We offer evidence of some of the “patriotic” activities carried on by King’s beloved IRA:

May 17, 1974, 26 civilians killed by IRA bombs in Dublin.

February 17, 1978, 12 civilians burned alive by the IRA.

August 15, 1998, A bomb blast in Omagh results in death of 2 babies and nine children.

I guess, as far as Pete King is concerned, none of the dead were Americans. Of course, they were IRISH!!

We seriously doubt the outcome of Pete King’s investigation will uncover evidence that American Muslims were ever responsible for 1% of the deaths caused by the IRA.