Connecticut Ends Gun Democracy

Future historians will  note that on April 3, 2013 the United States of America which was born in freedom ceased to be a democratic society. On this black Wednesday, the government of Connecticut passed a law that ends my right to shoot whomever I so desire. I  have this right, check the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Under this law, about 100 new guns are now banned from being used. There are now  limits as to the size of my ammunition magazine? How the hell can I quickly reload when blasting away at Muslim terrorists?? There is now a registry of honest, decent Americans who are told they do not enjoy their constitutional right to shoot people.

First, they came for my toy pistol, then they came for my daughter, then they came for my wife, then they came for my beloved wonderful gun, and then they will come for me. It is the end of America as we knew it. All done by the ape man from Africa who hates Americans. No, we do not blame Adolf Hitler, we blame the modern Hitler-Barack Obama!