Conressman Blasts NATO Afghanistan Inaction

Rep. Duncan H unter, ranking Republican member of the House Armed Services Committee, issued a blistering attack on NATO nations for failure to do their fair share of the fighting in Afghanistan. “In the eyes of Congress, it is unaccpetable that the United Stats must continue to dig deeper into its military force when some of our NATO alliesare unwilling to fulfill or make robust commitments to the international effort in Afghanistan. It is discouraging that some of our allies continually restrict their military forces from certain geographic and operational missions, limiting the ability of our military commanders to execute their mission.” His comments came shortly after announcement that 3,000 US marines might be heading for the fighting in Afghanistan.

Rep. Hunter’s frustration undoubtedly stems from genuine concern about the actions of many NATO nations. But, the Republican congressman misses a key point. There is no overall coherent plan of operations in Afghanistan by the Bush administration. NATO nations are also frustrated by the incoherence and disjointed approach to Afghanistan by the United States. We have been fighting in Afghanistan for six years and the situation gets wors with each passing year. Is there a plan of operation? Does it entail political aspects which some NATO nations desire? Why does Rep. Hunter believe things will improve if the present unsuccessful course of action continues?