Consequence Of Israel Bunker Mentality

The people and government of Israel increasingly have adopted a “bunker mentality” in which their nation retreats within on the assumption the outside world is against Jews and will never cease to demonstrate its hostility. A bunker mentality serves the purpose of reinforcing ideas that we the people of Israel are always correct in blaming outside forces for the problems of the Middle East. Turkey used to be the most important ally Israel possessed in the region, but the disastrous assault in Gaza last year infuriated Turkish leaders and resulted in a growing chilliness toward their former ally. As further evidence, the Turkish military cancelled a joint air exercise with Israel. This decision follows recent signing of treaties by Turkey with Syria and Armenia.

Perhaps, the five million people of Israel can pursue their lives without regard to world opinion. Perhaps, attempting to work cooperatively with others might alter the anti-Israel sentiment that increasing grows in the world. Down in the bunker it gets dark and lonely. How about coming out and testing the waters of peace?