Tea Party supporters continually claim they are conservatives who seek to restore old American values and end the rise of big government. They accuse Democrats of creating debts, refusing to balance the budget and failing to adhere to historic conservative ideas. Let’s examine the record:

1. Conservative presidents proposed budgets which were not balanced. One can only assume they ran up the debt  and were proud of their accomplishments.

2. Conservatives created a war which cost money. At the same time they cut taxes–and revenue– to pay for the war.

3. Former President Bush claims WWII British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was his hero. During WWII the British leader bluntly told his people there was nothing else but blood, sweat and tears. Oh, he raised taxes.

4. President Bush made clear the US was at war. In the next breath he urged Americans to spend money–NOT TO SAVE MONEY!


5.  President Bush made no effort to bring the nation together in 2001. He did not appoint Democrats to important positions. Franklin Roosevelt had two Republicans in his Cabinet and asked Wendell Wilkie, who he defeated in 1940, to become his personal representative. That is termed being an American, not being a Democrat or Republican.

6. At no point during the past ten years have Conservative leaders urged the need for shared pain in order to do what is best for the nation. Shared pain means ALL members of society share the pain of paying for wars and economic collapse.