Conservative Sheriff Rather Gay

Sheriff Paul Babeu is a tough guy who makes certain the laws of his fair state of Arizona are followed. He terms himself a “conservative,” and to prove it now co-heads the Romney campaign in his state. It turns out the conservative sheriff is not exactly always so conservative. He has a gay lover named, “Jose.” However, emphasizes the tough opponent of illegal immigrants, Jose is legal. Of course, their relationship would be illegal if fellow Republican conservatives ran the plantation.

Paul is willing to admit, “we’ve been seeing each other privately and for some time, close to three years, simply dating. ” It is unclear if the dating also includes sex, but that is another matter, one which concerns Ron Santorum.

The tough guy from Arizona is ready to deport his legal “friend” because some photos were stolen. Frankly, I think Paul should seek counseling from Ron or Michele or her husband or Sarah or someone.  The last thing Republicans need are gay sheriffs!