Conservatives Believe Poverty Is Good

The British Conservative Party is not  exactly on the same wave length as the group of eight Republican politicians who daily vie in order to prove which in the group is more idiotic than the other. However, when it comes to issues of poverty English Conservatives  earn the letter grade of “A.” Tory leader David Cameron had to admit   projections for a rise in GDP were slightly off kilter. Instead of rising next year by  2.7% would you believe, 0.7%? But, don’t worry if you work for the government, a 1% pay raise should make your life more comfortable.

Oh, in case you seek a job, do not worry. OK, so next year the jobless rate rises from 8.1% to 8.7%. But, there is good news on the horizon. Just wait until  2016 and the jobless rate will be down to  6%.  I realize lazy people  will complain having to wait  five years for a job, but just buckle up the belt and thank God Conservatives are in charge. After all,  if those Socialists were in charge you would have to wait until 2020!