Conservatives Stand For Open Society!

During the election of 2008 most liberals and those seeking an open society were pleased to have a former constitutional professor running for the presidency. We were tired of the “Patriot Act” which most viewed as damaging to our rights as Americans. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner was the author of that infamous piece of legislation and he worked closely with President George Bush to curtail the rights of Americans. Shocking news! He is now working with Democrats in Congress to REVISE the Patriot Act and end abuses by the National Secutiry Agency. His new bill seeks to limit the collection of phone records, to end “secret laws’ that only our government knows about, to create a special court which would protect the rights of citizens, and to allow companies to disclose how many requests for users’ information they receive from the government.

We are inhabit a strange land in which those who stand for freedom and democracy are the ones who seek to limit freedom and democracy. I gather that Alice will soon return from her trip to that far off land and return to the present far off land where defenders of human rights are the ones who abuse human rights.