Conspiracy Nuts Alive In Russia!

At a recent rally in Russia, a member of the Committee for Human Rights held up a sign saying, “Freedom Isn’t Granted, It’s Taken” in order to express his organization’s concern over repeated violations of human rights in their nation. However, authorities consulted several historians as to the significance of such signs in the history of Russia and according to Professor Rybnikov, the sign was a vivid example of the Dulles Doctrine to destroy the Soviet Union by arousing impressionable youth to violently oppose the government.

I thought American crazies had a monopoly on wild ideas such as that Barack Obama was seeking to impose SOCIALISM on the United States. Little did I know that Obama and the CIA were working with the ghost of John Foster Dulles to end the Soviet Union. Among his other powers, Barack Obama is able to contact the dead and wipe out governments that already have been wiped out.