Conspiracy Theories Abound About 9/11

Writer and polemicist Christopher Hitchens is on the war path after famous American writer Gore Vidal, for his writings about 9/11 which trot out the old line of a vast conspiracy by the American government to plan the attack in order to give President Bush sudden popularity. According to Hitchens, Gore’s writings consist of a “small anthology of half argued and half written shock pieces(which) either insinuated or asserted that the administration(Bush) had known in advance of the attacks.” These charges have been circulating since September, 2001 in one form or another in order to prove Bush was an evil man who deliberately planned the attack in order to salvage his dwindling popularity in the nation.

After every surprise attack this argument eventually emerges. In December, 1941, similar charges were made that President Roosevelt deliberately allowed the Japanese attack to occur as a way of getting America into war. The Pearl Harbor attack has been thoroughly studied and there is a vast body of information which makes clear American intelligence never spotted the attack and it was a SURPRISE.

Oh well, conspiracy theories sell well in the marketplace of fantasy.