Contest: Choose The Law!

I came across a story from Sweden about a new law in Stockholm which allows anyone to enter a contest whose winner gets to select the name of a bridge. How about a contest in which the winner gets to select a law that will be passed by Congress?

1. Dryback Deportee Law.
All illegal immigrants caught after September 1, 2011, must walk home on dry land. No more using our rivers for transportation.

2. Select Terminal Date To Depart Law
If you lack health insurance then you must remain in a room for eternity listening to speeches and talks by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck until you take the poison which terminates your life. Oh, we will feed you during this time, Big Macs and French Fries twenty four hours a day.

3. Jobless Revitalization Law
If you lack a job and do not have any more unemployment insurance our nation will offer new job opportunities. You can pick strawberries, blueberries, peaches or watermelon for $5 an hour. Do a good job and there is promotion to apples at $6 an hour.

4. From Gay To Sad Law
Anyone who is classified as being Gay is not allowed to smile at work. If he does, the penalty is castration and one year of Fox News at least ten hours a day.

5. Sarah Palin Wink Contest Law
You are asked to wink while reading the collected speeches of Sarah Palin. The one who winks the longest gets to dance with Brittany Palin.

6. Pat Ryan Reduce Government Expenditure Law
Each member of the Tea Party gets to select when grandma and grandpa are terminated from Medicare and Social Security in order to reduce government expenditures and end socialism.

7. Donald Trump Appreciation Law
In order to express the appreciation of the American people for his decision not to seek the presidency we will have a National Memorial day each May in which contests are held to determine which man has a head of hair as gorgeous as that of Donald. The winner gets the right to ride up and down escalators in a Trump hotel.

8. Ron Paul Victory Law
Ron Paul ideas are implemented in the state of Texas. All police stations, fire stations, and libraries are closed in order to allow Texans to demonstrate the power of private enterprise.