Continuing Trials and Tribulations of Bush Follies

Attorney General Gonzales continues insisting no political considerations ever entered any of his decision making. District Attorneys were fired for justifiable reasons without any thought of their failure to indict Democrats.

Perhaps, the Attorney General can explain a new episode in the sordid mess that has become the Republican follies. Italia Federici, President of the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy(CREA) pleaded guilty to obstructing a Senate investigation into tax evasion. It appears she worked with Steven Griles, nominee for deputy secretary of the US Department of Interior too help raise funds for CREA.

I find it fascinating that a political party which has done everything possible to damage the environment has an organization that claims it wishes to be an advocate for the environment. I suspect when Republicans use the expression “advocate” they believe the word means to destroy, not to save. I also wonder why Griles was nominated for the Interior Department since his only apparent qualification is raising money for a phony organization that has nothing to do with protecting the environment.