Controlled Dissent Is OK In Myanmar

The military rulers of Myanmar have decided after twenty years of pretending there is something called a democracy in their nation to actually have an election in which people can freely vote to continue the current government. Burmese leaders have warned opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi to have her party halt any protests during the election or inform the public about any of her ideas which do not conform to those of the military thugs running the nation. The regime’s newspaper, “The New Light Of Myanmar”(it replaces the Old Light of Myanmar) warned her about “attempting to mislead the people into misunderstanding the law.” In particular, the people are not allowed to boycott an election since the election is their opportunity to freely elect those in charge of the government. If the people do not elect those who should be elected, it might compel the government to simply count votes before they are cast.

Among acts that are not allowed during an election in Myanmar are–“instigation writing, distributing or using posters or attempting by other means to disturb voting.” I wish the thugs in charge had consulted the old Chicago political boss model, -let people freely vote and then, when it comes time to count the vote, head for the nearest graveyard and get plenty of silent voters to vote your way.