Conversation With A Barber

Today, while chatting with my barber he said some words which I never will forget, and hopefully, the American people will not ignore. I made a remark about my concern for soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Glenn said quietly. “Professor, I served in Vietnam.” I was quiet for a moment hesitating to have him discuss the topic, but he went on to say. “About three years ago, two of my buddies and myself were overwhelmed with our nightmares. I saw horrible things and did terrible things while in Vietnam. We went to the VA to get some counseling.” I mentioned a program that I was working on which would help veterans who served in the Bush wars to deal with their pain. Glenn said: ‘I wish someone had helped me years ago to get it all out.” He then turned to finish the haircut.

We Americans sanctioned the Bush wars. We were enthusiastic about destroying non-existent WMD because Bush and Fox News insisted we either had to “fight them over there or over here.” It was all a lie. But, thousands of young men and women participated in this horror and now we intend to ignore them. There is now a proposal by our loyal 100% Republicans to cut disability payments. But, God forbid, raise taxes on the wealthy!